"Starting your own dental practice should be as simple as pulling teeth."

Dr. Jarrett is an Atlanta-based dentist with a thriving practice. She recently launched the training program, The Dental CEO Academy, a program designed for dentists interested in opening their own dental practices. She has several products and programs planned for 2017. If you would like to stay up to date with the launch of these products as well as with Dr. Jarrett please click to subscribe.

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”Ready, Set, Go! Your 5 Step Pre-planning Checklist to Dental Practice Ownership”

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BOOK: The Dentalpreneur Plan:
18 Steps Every Dentist Should Take Before Opening a Dental Practice

Renowned dentist, practice owner, and business coach, Dr. Jarrett L. Manning aka Dr. Jarrett reveals her secrets of the trade in The Dentalpreneur Plan: 18 Steps Every Dentist Should Take Before Opening a Dental Practice. Pulling from her thriving career both as a dentist and dentalpreneur, Dr. Jarrett gives aspiring practice owners and go-getters a start-to-finish blueprint of how to build a profitable and trustworthy business. These pages dole out pro tip after pro tip whether it is about marketing, loan approvals, fee schedules, or customer service, staff selection, and chair-side manner, all in quick, accessible, and straightforward bits that will stick with you as you make your move towards practice ownership.

As Dr. Jarrett openly notes, she’s made the mistakes for you and gathered her tried-and-trues. All you have to do is be eager to learn, ready to work, and prepare yourself for a new, successful, and fulfilling step in your career as a dentalpreneur!

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Dental CEO Academy

“For Dentists by A Dentist”

A maximized group coaching program that’s designed for dentists by a dentist. This program teaches the 4 Ps of Dentalpreneurship:

  1. Building a thriving dental PRACTICE
  2. Design a business model that encompasses your personal PRINCIPLES
  3. Focus on creating PEOPLE centered operations
  4. Accelerate your path to PROFITS
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